Azul Gets its first A320neo

Azul receives it’s first A320no from GECAS

Think the livery suits the new Airbus; what do you think?


It’s alright, but not the BEST livery.


Gotta love the big engines!


Meh, it’s an Airbus. And MEH it’s an A320!! But nice livery and big engines.

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It looks really nice…Now is Axum replacing their E-jets or is this adding to their fleet?

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That livery looks amazing on the a320NEO. So glad to see that airlines are choosing the new a320neo over the new B737MAX ;)

Reminds me of Ryanair a little bit with the yellow line on the belly …

It’s gorgeous!

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They’re adding to the fleet. Azul have ordered 50 new Embraer E2 too ;)

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Man that livery looks good!

I love Azuls liverie so much! It looks great on that A320 NEO

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