Azul Embraer 190 - Rumo A Sustentabilidade Livery

Hello IFC!

Now that an embraer rework has been confirmed, I think it’s a good idea to start thinking about liveries.

Since you can only request one feature at a time, I will now discuss the Azul livery. There is already an Azul livery on the E-195, but that is just a normal blue livery. We all know about the latest update, the A339, that beast has 2 Azul liveries: Pink and blue. But did you know there is also a green livery?

Ok, it’s not on the A339, but in the E-190! I’ll show you some pictures:


Cool, isn’t?

Never seen this livery, looks amazing in correct lighting! I’ll consider a vote once the E-Jets are in development.

On another note, one image per request, please 😊


Oh, sorry my fault