Azul Airlines A330-900 neo

Azul airlines has some very cool livery’s and I think it would look great on the A330-900 Neo:

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                              About Azul Airlines 

Azul is a domestic and international Airline Based out of Barueri, San Paulo, Brazil. The company is based providing frequent, affordable air service to other parts of the country and the world. Azul Airlines, is the third largest Domestic airline in Brazil and the second largest International airline in Brazil. Founder of Azul, David Neeleman, Also founder of the low cost carrier Jet blue.

I hope that this livery can get added into the game, it is a beauty!

That actually looks really good on that aircraft. Also, I love those engines in the picture!

Awww, you changed the picture. My joke doesn’t make sense anymore.😥😁


I changed it to a more clear one

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It would be great to have the A330Neo on IF, especially with this livery. ♥️


This plane looks really DOPE! I think I flew this exact model once irl. This livery is gorgeous! Sadly I am out of votes, but you have my FULL support!
Also, for us to recieve this livery we first need the A330-900NEO, which may also come during a possible future A330 Rework! Both topics are linked here:

(The Rework topic is closed because it was noted internally)