Azul A350 flight from Sao Paulo to Los Angeles

Sao Paulo to KLAX in an Azul a350 with full ATC (Almost a collision!)

Sitting at the gate at SBGL with @BazeAeOfficial. He forgot to put fuel in so he diverted

“Azul 103TA, Give way to aircraft on your right.” His wing almost hit my nose!!


Cruising over some mountains (maybe the Andes but I’m not sure)

Welcome to Los Angeles! (landing was mid)

Have a good flight, Delta 737!

Tom Bradley International terminal is busy today


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Not sure what time
Missed all the landings for the event, but still had atc the whole way
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Average azul airlines flight:

Is this a duplicate?

it was i accidentally quoted myself 😭

Oh, now I understand.

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This airline is so underrated, but it’s decent.

the livery is awesome on the a350 and a339