Azores Flyin' with the A350

Hey IFC! Today I flew a very unrealistic route (so for those of you who are going to cringe at an unrealistic route, there’s your warning). I flew from Madrid, Spain, to Ponta Delgada, in the Azores Islands. And yes, I flew the A350.

Server: Expert
Route: LEMD - LPPD
Airline/Aircraft: Iberia A350-900
Flight Time: About 2:30 hours

Preparing for a morning departure out of Madrid-Barajas

Lining up on runway 14R

And liftoff!

Climbing to FL380

Reaching the west coast of the Iberian Peninsula

Cruising over the Atlantic for the Azores

After nothing but blue ocean, the islands start to come into view

Short final for runway 30

Seconds from touchdown

Parked at Ponta Delgada

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Thanks for stopping by! And let me know what you think!


Well done!
I will inform you, though, that LEMD-LPPD isn’t all that unrealistic. Azores and TAP, fly into Ponta Delgada from Madrid, though I’m pretty sure both of those are with their A320s, and probably not the A350 XD

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Ok thanks for the info 😂
Although I looked at FR24 and no flights showed up.

Thats probably because the service is seasonal or suspended for covid.

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Yeah that’s true

Yay! Love these 😍.
My favourite would be the liftoff photo but the wing shot from cruise was easily second best I love a wing shot from cruise haha
Really really good photos

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Thanks! It was a very cool flight

I can practically hear people’s backs cracking

jkjk lol

Cool pictures!

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Just because I have firm landings doesn’t mean I’m Ryanair 😑

Some really cool pictures! The Azores are still on my bucket list and they look stunning! Also some great pictures of the Madrid area and the Iberia A350. Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you!

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