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Azores Airlines Virtual Official Thread

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image Introduction:

Azores Airlines Virtual is an infinite flight based virtual airline, it flies around the Azores Islands and also serves other destinations worldwide. We have a friendly staff that is attentive and helpful to problems inside the Virtual Airline.

imageOur routes:
Despite having a small route network, we offer a good variety of flights and routes to/from the Azores Islands, our network can serve as a helpful connecting point in the Atlantic Ocean to Europe or to the United States.

Inter-Island flights (Handled by SATA Azores Express):

International flights:

image Our staff:
Our staff is full of friendly and attentive people.
CEO: @Flying_Ant
COO: Ocupied
DCEO: Ocupied
Flight Manager: @HFP
Event Manager: @Manuel_Macedo
Chief Test Pilot: Ocupied
Moderator: @Narruto_Mieumieu

image Our fleet:

Our fleet is quite small, composed by Airbus and Bombardier manufactured aircraft. This aircraft operate in either inter-Island flights to international flights.

Cessna 172: 1 Aircraft (0 on order)
Bombardier Dash Q400: 6 aircraft (0 on order)
Airbus A320: 3 aircraft (0 on order)
Airbus A321: 1 aircraft (5 on order)
Airbus A330: 1 aircraft (0 on order)

image Entertainement for flights:

We offer a IFE that displays videos,music and other stuff, you can watch it on your flight, it increases realism although this is not mandatory.

IFE link soon to be displayed.

image Pilot Related:

We have a semi-crew center on our discord that let’s pilots fill PIREPS and much more, it is temporary as we are trying to find solutions to that, there is also a Flight School that has some tips on flying our aircraft.

image Interested?

If you are interested you can join us by clicking on the link bellow that will redirect you to our website where you will have to fill a form that will be then reviewed in the next 24 hours.

IFVARB Approved and Certified since 2017


Looking good! I was an Ex Staff Member and I enjoied my time here.

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Why don’t you have Boston (KBOS) as a destination? They serve there in real life too from Lajes Field (TER) and Ponta Delgada (PDL).

Oops sorry, I know they operate Boston as their destinations with the A321 totally forgot, will soon edit it, thank you

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I want to announce that I will be no longer running this VA, @Flying_Ant will be the new CEO to run this VA, I hope he can make this VA better than ever and have a great time!

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