Azores Airlines Virtual Lisbon-Ponta Delgada Fly In @ LPPT - 201500ZDEC17

Azores Airlines Virtual Lisbon-Ponta Delgada Fly In

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Portugal

Day: 20th December 2017

Aircraft: Airbus A320

Airport: LPPT

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: Please fly carefully and respect all rules, if there is ATC available please follow all instructions!

Hello fellow IFC pilots, Azores Airlines second event is going to consist of flying from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada, on of our busiest routes ever. Come join us in an Airbus A320 generic from Lisbon to our hub Ponta Delgada.



T1 G127:
T1 G126: @Manuel_Macedo
T1 G125:
T1 G124:
T1 G123:
T1 G117:
T1 G116: @Narruto_Mieumieu
T1 G115:
T1 G114:
(More gates will be added if needed)


Tower: @Gliding_Central
Ground: @Gliding_Central


Flight Plan: LPPT BUSEN UZ20 KOMUT 3800N02000W BEKUN H111 VMG LPPD

Take a look at our website!

Our website:

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I will be your ATC if I am available on the 20th.

Cool, what airport and position? LPPT or LPPD?

At LPPT, If I am available! =D And I will do Ground and tower.

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Unfortunately, I can’t come to this event, but don’t worry the event will still be at the same time and day.

Ok, as couldn’t make it as I was very ill. 🤢🤮 Do pm me another time.

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