Azores Airlines (Generic Livery) A321 | Ponta Delgada to Praia

Azores Airlines (Generic Livery) Airbus A321 | LPPD to GVNP (03h19min)

Takeoff Runway 30 at LPPD

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

Flying near the island of Santo Antão, São Vicente and the islet of Santa Luzia

Flying above São Nicolau

Arriving at Praia Nelson Mandela

Approach passing over Praia Nelson Mandela

Touchdown Runway 03 at GVNP

If you liked the screenshots, which one caught your attention the most? I’d love to hear your opinion! And while you’re at it, how about contributing to the choice of the next livery for Cabo Verde Airlines’ Boeing 737-700? Your participation is important! Click here to vote:
Cabo Verde Airlines 737-700

Thank you very much for your interest and contribution!


Nice Pics The Azores and Cabo Verde are such underrated places!!


It’s true, thanks for the comment

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So cool to see LPPD getting some love! Was a fun airport to build!

All we need now is the livery to make these routes even more realistic!


It’s true, I also really like LPPD

LPPD is one of my favorite destinations within the Azores! The Azores are stunning in general!


Yes we just need some liveries now like the Dash-8!!

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i might do a fictional flight in a Breeze Airways A220 to bermuda, then to Norfolk!

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the dash-8 liveries are sorely missed