Azores Airlines A321LR


About Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines is a Portuguese airline Based In the Municipality Of Ponta Delgada On the island
Of São Miguel In the Autonomous Archipelago Of The Azores, Which Belongs To The Country Of Portugal. The Airline Was founded in 1994 Under The Name of OceanAir. They serve 21 Different Destinations to 8 different countries. They operate 3 A320-200’s, 2 A321NEO’s and 1 A321LR.

About the A321LR

Airbus Launched The A321LR on January 13th, 2015. The initial layout of the Aircraft is A 206 seat aircraft, with 16 seats in business and 190 in economy. The Aircraft has a range of 4,000 nmi or 7400 km.

Why I think this should be added.

This should be added because, it gives diversity to The Azores and Portugal as a whole, and many portugese people would love this and there would be more people flying to the Azores.

Edit: Can anyone send me a picture of an Azores airlines a321lr, if so could you gladly put in the replies, thanks!

I would like to see the magical livery on this! I’m in but I don’t have votes


Bump! Can’t believe there is no Air Azores livery on IF!