Azimuth Airlines A220-300

Azimuth Airlines A220-300

Yeah, the A220 just confirmed! Based on the results of today’s live FNF A220 is entering the WIP stage. It’d be great if this livery can be added soon at the next update.

Why is this livery worth adding?

Because if this livery is added, it can be ascertained that the East Europe Region will have more and more diverse routes with the presence of this livery.

Who is Azimuth Airlines?

Azimuth Airlines is a Russian scheduled carrier founded in 2014. Data from Cirium shows the airline as operating flights since September 2017. The airline serves 42 destinations across eight countries with 102 routes. More info…

I believe if this livery appears in Infinite Flight you’ll get a new experience when you fly around Russia!
A220-300 would be more beautiful if these orange and blue colours appear on this plane :D
If You’d Like this Livery In The Next Update, feel free to vote!

Thanks for your attention everyone, stay safe and take care!

Yeah indeed, at least I’m trying to make a voting thread for this livery, so it won’t be forgotten :D


Woaah! 😍👍 awesome mate!

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This livery is definitely needed.



A lot of A220 operators will appear in 2022 tho, let’s hope soon because 🤷🏽‍♂️

I wasn’t even aware about this one, is it really confirmed or they’ll copy Czech / Itapemir energy?

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Little bump since it may fly under the radar, as it ain’t even listed on the wikipedia page. Seen it in person on an SSJ a few weeks ago and it was quite nice

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Wow that paint job is amazing 🤩

Azimuth has outlined the first two routes the A220 will fly:

Moscow (Vnukowo) to Elista and back

Rostov to Moscow (Vnukowo) and back

Later the A220 is planned on flights to the far east as well as International flights from Rostov and Krasnodar!


Great! Hopefully, we can get this livery in IF soon!

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