Azerbaijan at DFW - 01 May 2020

Hello, all! Azerbaijan Airlines sent a second repatriation flight to DFW on May 1, so I got up 9am to spot it with @TheJ3estPenguin. Missed the first one because unfortunately, I was preoccupied. After a very stressful trip home because I forgot to put my battery in my camera (and didn’t realize it until 20 minutes until it arrived), and made it back.

Camera: Canon Rebel XS
Lens: Tamron SP 70-300mm lens

Onto the shots!

Not the best angle, but I just wanted to catch it’s arrival.

It seems as if they missed the turn, I guess?

Isn’t she beautiful?

Accidentally deleted my head-on shots, so I used one taken by @TheJ3estPenguin.

This was also JAL’s first flight back, with a cargo flight… which they parked at the terminal. Makes no sense, but okay. Here’s a lineup of tails!

Go check out my Instagram for more of my pictures!


Great pics of a rare moment!
Keep it up!
I wouldn’t be surprised if picture 2 could make it to JP!

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Thank you!

Picture 3 as well.

I still don’t like this livery




Dang those are hot

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Not my favorite 787 livery, but it’s metternthan some. But these my favorite photos of it! That may not sound like much (since it’s not a livery I particularly like), but there’s no denying great photos! The last one is my favorite, and I also like the reflections in the first one.

Nice shots! Wish I could go spotting…

Great spotting pics! 🔥

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Thank you!

I went today :p (You’ll see those pics another time though)

Thank you!


That’s cute.

Thank you my guy

These are some incredible shots, well done!

Thank you!

Absolutely gorgeous 787 livery. Flew it in IF yesterday.

Amazing pictures, well done! That livery looks so beautiful…


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Amazing shots mate! I really like the tail shot at the end.

Great pictures! I personally don’t like the Azerbaijan livery because of the text used for the modern background. Nice to see JAL at DFW too! 👍

Great pics! It’s nice to see a rare livery at DFW!