Azerbaijan Airlines VA?

Is there an Azerbaijan Airlines VA?
I‘m asking cause I find Az. Airlines a very cool airline with a good looking livery…

Check this out:

Look and find if it’s there!

Thanks mate!

Wait, are you sure you’d like to make an Azerbaijan Airlines VA?

@anon99275236, you do realize that there is no Aeroflot Virtual, right?

Yes … not now but maybe in 4 or 5 months where my school time ends …
Why ?

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Well, here’s the thing:

It takes about 3 months to get your VA approved by IFVARB.

Not only that, but if you decide to abandon your VA later on, you cannot take any staff position in another VA or create a VA for 6 months if you leave your VA from the CEO post.

If you are a staff at the VA and you leave, you cannot take staff positions at any other VA or create another VA for 3 months.

You can not be staff at another VA if you are a CEO. You can join them as pilots, but not staff.

This topic has gone from asking if there is a VA to almost forcing the OP to make one 🤔

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I know 😉 but Azerbaijan is an Airline I like and I know that it‘s going to take time but why not …

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Yea ask ran …


No, I’m just making sure that the person knows that he/she can’t back out (until unless they want the 6 month barring from any staff position) once they put in the commitment…

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I know I have already read everything about it

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Ok, that’s good. But I don’t think you can apply till you’re TL2 if I’m not wrong

We will see…

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I can help you with your VA, not as staff member, but with the process since I’m creating my own VA as well

If you want help, you can contact on PM. I don’t want to clutter the thread… (which I may have already done)

Should’ve done that about 14 messages ago.


If the time has come I will contact you …

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Frequency change approved, good day!