Azerbaijan Airlines E190


Azerbaijan Airlines

Azerbaijan Airlines is a popular airline in the Middle East, commonly flying out of Baku’s Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Along with its subsidiary, Buta Airways, they fly regional routes in the E190 to the locations below.

Route Map

AZAL E190 Routes

Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 9.07.19 AM

Full Destination List

The Azerbaijan Airlines E190 flies the same routes that its subsidiary, Buta Airways flies.

The Embraer 190

The E190 is part of the larger Embraer E-Jet family, mainly consisting of the E170, E175, E190, and E195. The aircraft is used by large and small airlines, often on regional routes, such as the ones Azerbaijan Airlines fly.

I vote 🗳 for it


First you chose buta airline but you change 🤣

I’ll make a Buta Airways request later on. I totally messed up… as soon as I posted, I was worried that it was a duplicate, so I quickly searched for “Buta Airways E190”. I found a result and changed this request to the Azerbaijan E190. Turns out that the request I found was actually mine, lol.


It would be nice to see a complete rework of the E jets.

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Agreed! I love the E-Jets.

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IF doesn’t do them justice, but that’s what reworks are for… 😉

😐 Community says it all…

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One day there’ll hopefully be a rework. Just gotta keep voting and being patient.

it would be an excellent addition since Azerbaijan countries look a bit forgotten in IF.


Seeing as the E190 has been announced for a rework, I thought I would give this topic a bump. Flying in the Middle East is a ton of fun and would be even more so if this livery was added.


Very nice looking livery

Such an underrated one! Would be lovely to get it


Definitely should be added

Bumping this, definitely needed

The Azeri livery has now been replaced but Air AZAL’s subsidiary Air Buta!


what a shame 😞, the AZAL livery is really nice

I’m voting for this, one of my favorite liveries!


Hi , I know this livery looks good , but the company removed this livery . :( This livery doesn’t exist in real life right now. ❌

ℹ️ With these E190 aircraft, Buta airways company, which is a sub-brand of Azerbaijan airlines, was established.

If you like this existing livery vote for it
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