Azerbaijan Airlines B787-8 UBBB-OKBK, Cool Views

Flew with Azerbaijan Airlines on their 787-8 from UBBB to OKBK, stunning desert views and a lot of traffic to go with that.

Server: Expert

A parallel landing, coincidence?


Nice photos! That poor A340 probably landed nose first! This was expert server?

I really like these pictures you took! My favorite has to be the 4th one, what an awesome picture! The Caspian Sea on the edge of Baku is so beautiful! If you are looking for another flight in the region, fly to Tbilisi in Georgia (the country), you won’t be disappointed!


These are some nice shots you have. RIP A340 though. Must’ve been a rough landing

I can’t really blame the pilot…It’s so hard to descend in the A340 😂

Cool photos. The Azerbajin Airline 787-8 is amazing. This is what I have for my lock screen.

Photo credit: @Suhas on their Wall paper Wednesday topic.

I have it without the watermark.


Yeah expert, and yes the A340 just ate it on landing lol.

Will do! :)

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