Azerbaijan Airlines 777-200LR

Azerbaijan Airlines has recently gotten their first Boeing 777 and it fits perfectly with the livery, picture credits go to Jenschuld on instagram

Maybe more information? What routes more in depth as to why the livery should be added? i do agree with this. But putting 3 sentences isn’t much.


There are no specific routes at this point because the first and only Azerbaijan 777-200LR is the governments BBJ, more information will be added once I have it.


You can add it’s the government’s BBJ I’m the discription. Maybe even links to the Airlines and Countries Wikis.

Adds some a Wikipedia about this lovely plane etc… Why you want this livery to be inside Infinte Flight!

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They have a 777?

Yes they do, as seen in the picture. It’s quite a nice livery


I kind of regret making this livery request because I was unprepared and didn’t have enough information, that is my fault and I am sorry. Anyways, I love you all so much and thank you for always inspiring me and helping me improve, happy New Year’s Eve!

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Don’t regret it:) Information just helps. It’s a beautiful livery. And would be extremely nice in IF. You don’t need statistics about the aircraft considering we already have it in game and this is a feature request for a livery, but maybe an opinion on why, and what it’s going to be used for:)

One of the best liveries I really hope it comes with the rework of the 777

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Looks so good😀👌🇦🇿

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I agree! Sad that it didn’t make it to Infinite Flight tho