Azerbaijan Airbus A340-500

A stunner of a livery. One of the best out there. Note this is for the -500 not the -600. Show your support for this incredible livery.

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The A345 is in my eyes the most aesthetic aircraft out there. Just perfect proportions, would be as you said a stunner for an A330/340-family update.


Lovely I know a guy who will like this to @Bruno_Latour

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Oh my, I love this!

Didn’t know this was on the A340, it looks beautiful with those 4 big engines.


I like the livery very much and would love to see it on IF

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WOW…THIS IS VERY NICE😁😁. Would like to see this

A340-500 is smaller than others but has huge engines. Looks beautiful.

The blue tho, looks stunning, I love it

That is…

Great livery

Gorgeous livery!

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