Ayers Rock Airport, Australia (YAYE)

All airports are coming because of global. No need to ask for this. If you want(ed) it editing please contact one of the editors.

And @Mr_Jetstar replied for me :-)

Okay then we give this topic the name “pleas edit YAYE”

It’s already edited.

We certainly won’t use the charts Edt linked, we tend to use charts from aircharts.org, navigraph, sky vector etc. So the pictures are not needed.

I use charts to name gates

It are Just Nice informatieve pics

I got that from an Australia Government website. Can you find a more trustworthy source than that?

Can we get this closed, the airport is confirmed already. 😉

We’ve called Carson in for the rescue :-)

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It’s not about trust, it about the details we get from them.

Before creating another request, be sure to read this to avoid arguing.

Rules are rules, they are meant to be followed.

Surely there is some sort of leniency? Especially with a request like this where all I am trying to do is help the airport editors.

Well, just create an issue on the GitHub site so we can notice it :)

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(I think this should be pinned)


@EdT and @Mr_Jetstar


Isn’t it being closed anyway?