Ayers Rock Airport, Australia (YAYE)

You may have heard of Uluru, ‘the heart of Australia’. It is a cultural rock for the Indigenous people of Australia and attracts many tourists. The nearby airport would be a fantastic addition since it is the only one out of two airports in the middle of Australia (Alice Springs Airport is the other), which would make a fantastic refuelling stop on long distance flights or to operate domestic routes. Currently Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and other scenic helicopter tour operators have flights to and from here.

It would make a fantastic site seeing destination in global flight being in the middle of a desert with challenging conditions and with a picturesque landscape nearby Uluru (as you may already know, to the other side of the airport there are a few great hotels and resorts to stay, but nothing like a city)


I think because we’re getting global flight, it will be added with time.


It’s not an A380 airport though, so I requested it :-)

They said they will start with a380 airports and then move on from there

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I like it… 😎

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What’s the ICAO? Once I finish Skiathos and Phuket I’ll do this, if it’s not already done.

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Is it alright to request it though? Or else the airport editing team wouldn’t know where to start.

YAYE… Yay, thanks!

Okay, I’ll look it up.

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It even has “YAY” in it.


Someone has done and dusted it… YAYE! No work for me! 😉


Fantastic, lovely! I’m so happy it feels like the Jetstar 787 is confirmed!

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Please check the features category’s guidelines, only 1 picture per topic.

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I love flying in and out of there
Turbulance can be ambitious 😨

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I know, but with airport maps?

Yeah, flights arriving there can be very wobbly creating hard and loud landings!

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I think it is good to request airports, NICE AIRPORT!
Really like this airport!


It would be closed because it is confirmed. Not because Global Flight is coming, because ‘only A380 airports’ are being worked on at the moment (except a few here and there that the airport editing team members have decided to do)

The pics are informatieve
So I don’t see a problem, or the airport editors must search these pics by themself.