Aww man this is not good

My device for IF is 32-bit and i don’t have enough money to buy pro lol 😂 So what do i do? I couldn’t buy a new phone cuz i need to save money.

Sorry in this case, there is nothing you can do. There is no real way to override the system to make Infinite Flight run on these devices. However, if you still have and older version, that may work for a bit until they retire it.

If you have a laptop or desktop, you can go ahead and download BlueStacks, and play Infinite Flight on there. You can follow this great tutorial on YouTube from AviatorDan on how to do it.

Other than that, the only other option is to buy a new device. There are, however some quite cheap Android phones from BestBuy for like 40-50 dollars. Just make sure it is higher than 32 bit before you buy it.

Happy flying!

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Yeah I know. My bad lol.

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Oh no worries at all. I just thought it was funny because I did it one time too.

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I already watched this vid tho i have a PC from 2009 and a laptop (Acer aspire 3) from February this year

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