Awkward Takeoff/Landing Moments

Anyone have those awkward takeoff/landing moments when there’s a line waiting and you screw up? 😂

Especially on the expert server when they see you swerving off the runway… 👍


Think this is a duplicate. Pretty sure I’ve seen another thread with similar sort of content.

Flying a spit in a 16 knot wind. Spun out and crashed after waiting 5 minutes in line. There was a controller I knew @IceBlue and a few others watching.


I searched key words I’ve only had an ipad thing come up.

Yes! I was cleared to line up in expert in a 777-200LR, when I started taxiing onto the runway I forgot I was in live and checked my weight😳. I was way overweight so I started adjusting. When I exited I was morphed into the front of a 747-8 on the other side of the runway. I apologized 10 times to the controller but I had to go the back of the line and wait 10 minutes to take-off😂

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I remember when I was taking off in an F-16C and my dog started licking me and got me distracted. And as you know, they are very slick without any rudder, so I swerved off the runway and did a donut. 😂

My dog did this again… It was on advanced. 😜

Of course xD
This moment just over 150kt or when your 737 won’t take off

Whenever there’s a long line of people waiting for takeoff or there is ATC when I land, I screw up. It just happened to me!

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If I fly on solo, my landings are PERFECT. But on Expert server landings are just worse than the Ryanair ones.

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Today there was 10 people behind me waiting and i was in a320 i got to rotate as i did i swerved turned to realign and then almost crashed

I like watching people land, let me clarify, THE ONES WHO DO THE VISUAL.

-2500ft/mins at 30ft


Hahaha yes😂

When ATC tells you to take right downwind and then you take left downwind by mistake !

Don’t worry i don’t make this mistake often … just for the record ;)

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Ever start your takeoff roll with your brakes enabled, or your spoilers on ARMED?..

I was on final approach and i disabled autopilot,then my plane went up and I nearly stalled. When the back wheels touched the ground, the front wheel was up for most of the landing and there was 6 planes watching me. Also the landing was really hard

That moment when you have a perfect approach on 14L only to realize that you were cleared 14R…


Very very very true

Worst than Ryanair?! You would have to go to Jupiter where gravity is 24 m/s

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Not a takeoff or landing, but still quite funny.
I was just beginning my descent from 14000 ft towards PHTO, and I started making my lunch (in real life.) I kind of forgot that I was flying, and forgot to slow myself down to below 250 knots. So, I got ghosted for making myself a burger. 😀🍔

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