Awkward Experiences...

On a Malaysian airlines 777-200er, the ife controller wouldn’t retract. Then, the controller just came off. But no one saw that.


Nasty as in for them, or how I put it?

I didn’t mean it in a mean way, as there is nothing the woman could have done about it, it’s just a bit… awkward.

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I wasn’t feeling well on a Emirates 777 flight from Istanbul to Dubai. I kept going in and out of the lavatory. I was in it for quite some time. My mum knocked on the door quite loudly asking me if I was okay. When I was exiting the lavatory, there were three or four people waiting, staring at me. As I was walking back to my seat, the whole aisle was staring at me. I just closed my eyes and fell a sleep (for like 10 minutes)


Only you Misha… Only you…

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I have had witnessed a flight attendant having to pull out their checklists and go through the SOP on using the flight attendant override and pulling someone out of the lavatory. That was a little weird, all I wanted was to go to the bathroom.


I once put my seat back and the reclining system broke. So for about 15-20 minutes the flight attendants screamed at me to put that seat upright, on approach.

Once I did inform them. They apologized and looked at me like I had blown up the world!


Not as bad as handing the entire inner pane/sunshade window assembly to the crew mid flight after the whole thing fell in my lap on an AA flight.


It’s AA. They probably handle that kind of thing daily 😉


This happened to me recently. I was on a flight from Guatemala City to Dallas Ft. Worth and the IFE didn’t work the entire flight because I messed with it! I was really bored and mad at myself for messing with it. I would’ve told the flight attendants, but I was too embarrassed to tell them.

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So I was at San Juan, on layover. My Seaborne Airlines flight to TNCM was cancelled, and everyone on who had tickets was yelling at the person at the gate counter. They said that only 18 out of the 25 passengers on the flight could be booked on the final flight of the day to St. Maarten, a JetBlue flight. Everyone was yelling about their timeshares, hotel reservations. Meanwhile, in a soft voice, my dad said,“You can’t split up a family” (I was travelling with my parents and brother). So, we got four of the 18 remaining seats on the JetBlue flight. As we left for Terminal A from D, we saw people still yelling.


Hopefully you didn’t take it home with you LOL. (@Sturmovik unlike Misha who took the broke armrest home… shh)

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I didn’t take that home but I have plenty of other aircraft parts at home.

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