Awkward Experiences...

Once when I was on a Ryanair flight they were handing out newspapers and the headline was “Terrorist Group Threatens To Hijack Aircraft”.


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€2000 😂😜 JK


Dunno, couldn’t be bothered to even ask.[quote=“JFKPlaneSpotter, post:3, topic:37166”]



My somewhat awkward experience was in a GA aircraft… I started the engine and then put my headset on and the mic cable was loose on the headset. I had to awkwardly wiggle the wires around and finally the mic came clear and I could be heard.

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Wow… What did you say tho?

It was the 1/4 inch cable where it plugged in to the aircraft’s avionics. Something was loose causing my voice to come in and go out for the person flying with me (my flight instructor). I could hear clearly, just my mic cable was loose. I just kept saying “testing” or rambling while I wiggled the wires until he told me that I was clear and that he could hear me.

(This all happened inside the cockpit between me and my flight instructor, not ATC communication issue)

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I was flying on one of the first BA A380 flights (the ones to Germany) and I managed to break one of the seats so the top of the armrest fell off. That was fun to explain to them…


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Cape Air flight was cancelled due to fog and I was at the desk asking how they would handle it. At the same time, their direct competitor Island Airlines was offering free taxi and ferry vouchers, with some reps yelling to get the attention of Island Airlines pax. The redt will be told in dialogue form. Quotes are not exact, but approximations from my memory.

To cape air desk: -Listens to yelling of Island Airlines reps- “So, what do you have to offer for the cancelled flight?”.

Desk: “…”

Quite an easy way to expose customer service…

Classic Misha


Well done Misha. 👏👏👏

Mine was when I went into the cockpit & I had no clue what to say because I didn’t know them so there was some awkward silence…

In the end I got Haribos though so, all good.


Almost forgot this. On an Emirates A380 (E6-EDJ I think) from LHR to DBX. Started playing around with the IFE. Somehow managed to freeze my screen by pressing buttons too fast which it didn’t like.

Long story short the entire section (bulkhead to bulkhead) then had an error on their IFE too so they had to reset it which took about an hour as it kept not working.

I like to think I found a bug in Emirates IFE so…


A380 BA thing ^. I made my dad switch seats so he looked guilty (plus I wanted window)


Did you keep the armrest?


TSA Agent - “Umm sir, why do you have an armrest in your luggage?”
Misha - Points to his dad


Didn’t think of that actually. They took it away because they couldn’t figure out how to fix it hahahaha


My Mum and my sister were once sitting the row in front of an old lady who had to be wheelchaired in and out of the aircraft.

For the whole flight they could smell a mild odour of urine, only made stronger when she left the plane…


Once, on the way to TVC (from MSP), our aircraft (A320), apparently had a sealant problem in flight, creating an air leak. It was not big enough to cause explosive decompression, but it was painfully loud the whole flight (This was last summer).


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