Awful Pictures of Awesome Aerobatics

Bonjour, IFC, comment allez vous?

Today, I suis allé to a local aérodrome to practice my photography (which i often do but don’t post here).

I arrived in a small field in the middle of nowhere near la Ferté Alais (nowhere).

I saw a young pilot fueling up a magnificent Pitt’s aircraft, and decided to take some pictures. He smiled at me while he was starting up his plane and told me to stay and look up.

He did some aerobatics. I have no idea who that guy was but he was kind and definitely knew how to fly.

As I was alone at the airfield watching his flights, I can confidently say I had a private airshow.


Picture time!

Sorry for the low quality pictures, these were taken with the practice camera and are not up to my usual standard as I did not expect to see an airshow like that.

Doing some run ups after fueling up

Ligning up with the runway

Doing some fancy shmancy aerobatics


Topping off after the flight while watching the French Air Force doing some fancy stuff with its helis

Being cleaned up at the ramp

Last but not least, enjoying a nice warm sunset and drying in the sun

Hope you liked these shots!

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Thanks for going through these



Belles images :D

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Also, this aircraft is registered as N774PM. why is it on the N register when its in France lol

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Merci beaucoup!

For non French speakers

Hello, IFC, how are you doing?
Nice images :D

Thanks a lot!

Some aircraft can be registered in countries other than where they fly :)

you’re welcome :D
out of likes right now so I can’t like this post yet lol

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Spectacular photos! I love aerobatic-specialised aircraft.

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Images est tres bien! ❤️

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la chance d’avoir pu avoir un show privé. Très bonnes photos pour le coup.

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Thanks a lot everyone!
Merci beaucoup a tout le monde :)


nie ma problemu :D

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Ca marche 😂

merci au revoir

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Awful that’s extravagant 🥰

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Like Laura’s Xcub

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Wow… These are beautiful photos!

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Très fantastique!!! Another french speaker in the community, I’m not alone😭



@Qantas992 thanks a lot!

@EnthusiasticAviation you’re not alone indeed :)

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Super photos, as always!

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