Awful clouds. Very disappointed

Hello. So this is my first flight. What is going on with my iPad. It’s all white and a blue sky. These clouds are very disturbing. I thought my iPad broke for a second. Let’s fix this mistake. Thanks guys.


Hi, you might have just overdone the settings beyond your liking. Try reducing the density of clouds by pressing weather from the pause menu and dragging the cloud density slider to the left. If you are close to the clouds though, that won’t help much, as the changes in their texture only become visible a few thousand feet of altitude from them

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Still a white blob but thanks.

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Try a density around the middle and launching them up to 45000-50000ft with the cloud altitude setting, I find that looking the best. The texture is scattered across quite a bit area, so you need to keep a distance to start to see it

The clouds are also only 2D because only Cirrus clouds are simulated as of now

Looks as expected to me? :)
But then again, clouds generally are just what you said - white blobs :)


Clouds are weird I rather a tornado

Looks bad when I am above them

The only clouds represented in IF currently are cirrus clouds

So go below them. Problem solved

Okay, let me rephrase some of the things others have already said.

How are you expecting Cirrus clouds to look like from above?

Also, when you go above clouds irl, it is just an endless sheet of white


Good one (:


Lol ur welcome

It was said that clouds will not be synced to real life weather automatically during the initial release, though it is a possibility that it may be added in future.

If it’s so simple, code and do it yourself

As people decided to start trolling…

@Ben45 - you’re more than welcome to drop me a PM to continue this if you’d like :)