Awesome week for Wellington Airport!

The past week saw what was probably a years worth of action for Wellington Airport, all packed into a couple of days. Enjoy some snaps from over the days!

The real star of the show, a Vietnam Airlines 787 staying a couple of days for a government visit.

Another rare one, but interestingly one that has visited before. ZS-NEX, a 767-300 operating a charter for rock group Guns N Roses on their world tour.

Mini Air Force One? Looks kinda like it, but this USAF C40 stopped by carrying some important people from the US Space Force as reported by some local news sources. Interestingly another one of these stopped by but continued onward to Christchurch shortly after arriving.

Another view of the 787, this time with the local ferry and the beautiful blue water. Can’t get enough of that Vietnam airlines livery!

Few more angles of the Vietnam 787, this time on departure:

Lastly this Royal Australian Air Force Spartan stopped by for a few days (can you spot the 767 popping into frame behind?)

Anyway thanks for checking out these photos in what was an exciting week for our little NZ airport.

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WOW this pic is absolutely fire ! 🔥


Absolutely beautiful photos! Hopefully I’ll make it to New Zealand one day and have a look at these spots.

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Beautiful photos! Also, I do like Vietnam Airlines, 787’s, and New Zealand! You have some great Instagram content. Looks like I’ll be exploring New Zealand in more detail!

Lovely photos, so clear and vibrant! Can’t wait to see more.

These are stunning! The lighting and contrast on these is something else, just wow.

Absolutely beautiful!!

Thanks! Was one of my favs as well.

Thanks mate!

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