Awesome Video Over French Alps

Hey everyone! When you have a couple minutes of spare time give this video that I have posted below a look. Truly amazing footage.

Came across this on a skiing website that I follow due to the fact that I am an avid backcountry skier. I thought it would fit so perfectly in the community as well. A man by the name of Fred Stork and his buddy fly their Avid Flyers through the Alps in southeast France and western Switzerland. They shoot beautiful HD footage as they make a pit stop along a glacier, and then proceed to land at Tignes ski resort. They shutdown the plane, and in less then 5 minutes they are strapped in a pair of skis bombing down the slopes. These two older gentleman sure do know how to live life to the fullest. Hats of to them :)

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So just leave it in General? Sorry about that. Thought the video needed to be seen!

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Or a mod can move it. Its a nice video, has good details with it, its not a duplicate, and its not talking about a crash or “Whats your favorite” so I moved it. Please leave it there.


Thank you. Appreciate it

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@MrMrMan @azeeuwnl I know you two would appreciate the video


Very neat! Thanks for sharing. :)

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