Awesome sauce

But hold on, beat em like a band, spin in, spin the benz , burn em like a tan ohh hey guys and welcome back to another topic! Ive been flying short hauls lately and my sleep schedule is messed up right now but anyways let’s see the pictures and theyre edited because yes.

flight time: alot of seconds
route: alot of waypoints
aircraft: alot of different aircrafts
server is expert because yes

fedex, fedex, fedex

easyjet and ryanair collaboration? i think yes

American eagle crj700 spotted with his big brother American airlines b737-800 at KDCA???

beautiful takeoff of the a220 air france!

nah if im being honest the Lufthansa livery looks real nice on the a320!

another Lufthansa spotted in the air?!?!? rare sighting definitely!

Air new Zealand at FL380?? definitely not a rare sighting.

anyways thats all the pictures for today, hope you guys like the pictures and imma go to sleep it like 9pm goodnight!


bro what 💀

Nice pics lol


That sauce is indeed awesome, nice pictures! Love the first one!

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Ahem… It’s the Adopted Baguette 🥖✈️

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thanks man!!

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the sauce is definitely awesome yo

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i haven’t went to sleep bru