Awesome photo in Hong Kong

Just landed at Hong Kong International Airport and took these photos during parking. It does look great isn’t it :D

Route: RJAA 🇯🇵 -> VHHH 🇭🇰
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 4hrs 10mins


It was fine until somebody spawned a United 737-900ER into Hong Kong. But seriously, nice shots!


Depression is when you fly for 4-5 hours and then when you try to park at a gate, someone takes it!

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Thanks! Asiana A350-900 is going to park at that gate then the United 737-900ER suddenly spawned…

I’m looking forward to departing from Hong Kong in about 1 hour

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everyone’s talking about the 737-900er existing in VHHH while it can be a Guam flight like the island hopper thing but idk if its unrealistic or something

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Yes, it exist in real life that United uses 737-900ER from Hong Kong to Guam daily because usually Hong Kong people fly to Honolulu via Guam (No direct flight from HK to Honolulu ;( ) But just in the photo all parking aircrafts are with a huge size then suddenly there is a 737-900ER.

They actually use a 772/763 I’m pretty sure

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Checked. They used to have service with a 737-700 but then I found that they stopped this route as United wanted to expand the Japanese market.

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