Awesome LAX Webcam

This is one of the best plane spotting webcams I have ever seen. It looks over runway 25 right at LAX wich is, one of my favorite places to go plane spotting.
The webcam is in live HD video and turns to the right every now and then to show you part of the terminal (see picture). Most of the time it shows the front of the runway wich you can see the plane lining up for take off.
Most of the time it works well, but it freezes sometimes if you have a bad Internet connection.(Link is down below)


Please tell me if you know of any other good plane spotting webcams.


There’s webcam for st Maarten but I don’t remember the website

Yes, by far the best live web cam I’ve seen.

Isit behind?

What do you mean??

It seems to be 20 minutes behind

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It is live right?

Yes, it seems to be delayed.

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Ok, it is still amazing.

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Saw a Qantas 747

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That is really cool!!

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Are you watching it?

I have it book marked and watch it every once in a while.

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Haha. I’m doing that now:)

Also a AeroMexico 1,000,000 livery 737

I saw it too.

Yeah, I might features it😂

Does it lag for you?

No! I checked flight radar. It is exactly live

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I’m on a computer though

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