Awesome KSEA Event.. however

Took off from KSEA, amazing event huge lineup, got a friend to finally try expert server, feeling great! Amazing trip down the south to California. Vectored in perfectly. Handed off to tower… and then…

  1. Tower clears me to land - Number 3 (Runway 30L, KSJC)

  2. Now on short final - 145kts

  3. "Controller change in progress, please stand by"

  4. "You’re in an active airspace, please contact Norman Y. Mineta Tower"

  5. tries to change frequency - only unicom available?
    quickly double checks by tapping on airport while holding iPad steady, almost crashes aircraft doing so… and yep - only Ground, and 2 approaches, what the?

  6. tells Unicom on final 30L to be safe

  7. Now seconds from the runway… approaching minimums… hand flying the aircraft

"You’re in an active airspace, please contact Norman Y. Mineta Tower"
"You’re in an active airspace, please contact Norman Y. Mineta Tower"

…whoa I’m 2 seconds away from landing (with clearance!), I can’t get on the tower frequency (as proven by the ability to call KSJC unicom)

  1. …and then:

@AviationReports, controllers need to communicate. Can the incoming controller not see in my history that I was cleared to land? An awesome event ruined.

Something similar happened to me last week @ KJFK but with ground directions…! I was told to exit runway right but I was directed right into another aircraft (that I couldn’t see because it was a white box still) and I was ghosted immediately for taxi-into. I messaged the controller and they said “yeah it happens all the time at busy airports”, so I just apologized, ate it, and let that one go as it didn’t affect my grade, but now I’ve gone from a 4 to 2. I cannot let this one go. Unacceptable. Please let me know I am missing something here, or blind? It’s getting tiring appealing these. Maybe that pilot union joke should be a reality?

I like to think I do most everything properly, and respect ATC at all times. I do not feel the favour is returned sometimes. I really, really like this game - however I feel sometimes like I am guilty for absolutely no reason and then a violation gets issued, all progress lost. No fun.

I don’t want to do this…

But wow, a lot of fun has been taken away as of late simply by following commands. I don’t want to come off as a victim, but I suppose I am just very passionate about this being improved. The consistency needs to be better. Now I cannot play on the server I worked so hard for, because of someone else’s mistake.

Replay file is 133mb and the replay upload won’t work so hopefully my story and screenshots will fill in the details here.

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Please pm your controller to work it out. No need for a topic!