Awesome ILS approach at LAX

Really enjoyed the challenge to my ILS skills coming into LAX a few minutes ago.
The fog was right down to the deck. I do have a problem keeping the localizer on steady track during the final approach. I can’t seem to keep from overcorrecting as the needle keeps swinging both ways.
Any advice greatly appreciated.


Practice joint the localizer further out than normal, and make small adjustments.

That’s awesome Tutorial on ILS approaches should help you How to fly an ILS approach


One big tip is to not forget, the closer you are, the more sensitive the needle.

Small lateral adjustments are all that’s needed. know what your course should be and only adjust your heading by a degree if the needle starts to move off the center, and wait to see the needle re-align. If you start making 3-4 degree adjustments only 2NM out, you will end up over correcting and the needle will sway left and right and you’ll ‘S-turn’ the whole way in.


Great thank you. That’s exactly what I did on final for 24R. I was flying a figure S all the way down.

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