Awesome FNF shots (Moonshot!)


I had so much fun at today’s FNF! I don’t normally participate in the FNF, but recently I have been trying to fly on routes to places that I wouldn’t normally fly to. With all that being said, let’s see some photos!

Flight Information:
Server: Expert
Time: 1800Z-0200Z
Aircraft: VivaAerobus A320

1.) Parked at the gate at Cancun Intl. with some fellow company 320’s

2.) Holding short while a FedEx MD-11 begins its takeoff

3.) Climbing out of Cancun over some beautiful beaches

4.) Cruising over the Gulf of Mexico

5.) Approaching Guadalajara

6.) Buttering the landing while a fellow 320 holds short

7.) Satisfaction: 100

8.) Back in the air, turning northwest towards Tijuana

9.) My first moonshot!

10.) Safe at the gate in Tijuana after a smooth and uneventful flight

Overall, I think today’s FNF went really well! I would like to extend a huge thanks to all the controllers who worked super hard to keep all of the virtual pilots flying safely- not just today, but every day. Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

Choose what my next flight will be!
  • EGLL-RJTT (British)
  • KSEA-KJFK (Alaska)
  • PGUM-PHNL (United)

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Until next time! Stay safe, and see y’all in the skies!


I love the shots

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Nice photos! I think I might have seen you while controlling MMGL 👀

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That’s so cool! Great job controlling, BTW

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