Awesome Aviation #1 [NEW SERIES]

Hey everyone hope you all are doing great and staying safe during this difficult time 🤘

Been around a week since I posted my last #screenshots-and-videos topic but I am back now stronger with hopefully my best topic yet! These photos were primarily taken in solo mode. I did spend a long long time making these photos so a like and some feedback is always appreciated!

Server: Solo
Route: Multiple (N/A)
Aircraft: (N/A)
Flight Time: By Hand (No A/P)
Note: This was taken in 20.2! Amazing work Devs!

Without further ado allow me to present… Awesome Aviation #1 [NEW SERIES]

(1) A TUI 787 greasing into Mexico…

(2) Qatar A350 en-route to a very busy LSZH!

(3) A CAP C172 taking off…

(4) A Thai Airways Gem!

(5) TBM narrowly missing the ledge at Lukla…

(6) Moonshot ;)

(7) An Eva Air B77W landing in a foggy RCTP!

(8) N121WS Cleared for Push & Start…

(9) I like Symmetry :)

(10) The Office…

Means a lot that you took the time to look at my photos buttt…


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Blue skies and tailwinds all ✌️


And thank you for making 4000 Landings - Thank You Community! a great topic really appreciate your support!


Awesome photos

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Appreciate it thanks!

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These are great!

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Thanks for the kind words much appreciated!

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Great Photos!

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Appreciate it thank you Blake!

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