Awesome Article: Airbus' latest Patents

This CNN article describes some awesome patents! Both the airbus “detachable cabin” patent as well as an earlier patent, the “terrorist trap door”.

Airbus Patent Article


Keep flying, keep learning!

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1st April…?

not sure what you mean by that?

oh april fools day…gotcha =)

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must be something going around at the moment. A colleague at work (with transport intrests but NOT in aviation) sent me details on the ‘new’ B797 that was being test flown and could carry 1000 passengers in a ‘giant wing’ format…

Airbus mentioned in the article that they submit hundreds of patents every year, though most of them never actually make it. Just protecting their ideas, I doubt this one will actually work. it would force airports to completely change terminals and whatnot.

that’s very true, one of the strangest ideas I have heard of!