Away Suitcase; is it worth it?

For those that travel a decent bit and have an away suitcase, is it worth the money? I’m debating buying the smallest one. Also, does it fit in the overhead bins on a plane like the E175?


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How often do you travel

Swiss gear is a good company. Cheap, but good quality! ;)

MaxSez: @LongHaulGuy… I’ve flown pic& pax to a lot of distant places over the years. Still keep a “Getaway” bag with a change of clothes, an electric razor and a few odds and ends per the season plus a Flight Bag with license, Log book, medical cert and Passport / visa and spare glasses packed and ready. Go light, Hotels furnish the essentials. For the Get Away don’t buy name brands and stick with a bin fit waterproof canvas zip Not Velcro and multiple exterior pockets a convertible back pack style helps in those long terminal gate to gate walks. Choice a good leather lockable attaché case for tickets Passport etc, with a shoulder strap keeping the hands free and left side carry both. Never check bags,ship ahead for that long stay. Happy Landing.


With Max you can’t just have a backpack can you :)

Anyways, if you are flying an airline that charges extra for a carry-on, I would probably buy it depending on how long stay. Also, the E175 should be able to fit a smaller suitcase.

I personally have one duffel bag that I use for everything, literally everything. Traveling, snowboarding, camping etc. It is definitely worth it (about $9.95 from Walmart). It will fit on any plane you can think of. It fit in the shoebox size overhead bins of the CRJ-200 and E145 and easily fit in the luxurious bins of the 787. I’ve done trips in length of 2 days to 2 weeks with it no problem.

Probably with no problem. Just don’t put your backpack in the overhead bin. (Its annoying lol)

Away is amazing! My wife has one. The key to that bag is durability which has lasted a year with zero issues with her traveling once a month minimum. Also the wheels. Might sound stupid, but it’s key. Lightweight and great with change of directions when heavy or light.

That said these would be my options ( take it from a guy who travels 12-18 days a month ;))

If money is not a big deal:,pdtr0:868545|868578,vw:g,init_ar:SgRKAghrSgpSCAjBgTUg4oE1SgeyBAQI-rAg,ss:44&prmd=sinv&sxsrf=ACYBGNQprRGbCDHkHrhQHL_wZsriFsi3Fg:1578197965168&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:7167024571418301833,paur:ClkAsKraX6oMLt-GLUSnRleJWsL12KLaBGlzXL5flzjuTEFL17HBIDk1V-b-cD59Y2PszTnNDO6bHJ6734bQ17ShXy7RkAm4FBLr5xsgARzOGef9-_TLEt7WnhIZAFPVH71aWlmA8Mv2i-6vxlbqZzoWpLyNOw,prmr:1,cs:1


Practical but not stylish:

A lot of flight attendants use this one for a reason. Practical, durable, easy of the wallet.,ss:44&sxsrf=ACYBGNQOChU_3yoaRqhfKvUp_3PupTabwg:1578198175414&prds=num:1,of:1,epd:12289923626118669320,paur:ClkAsKraX8aWuObTFDB0BCEUWULBZO1CfzKzdL-V1_hNYkl0K9q39vvo4gA97yCkD-vxps9hiQicUFFliM8mcZjzkXBsJtoZd-kuvjYhsaO5FXiGlletS98rUxIZAFPVH72M_3if8v1nv5ypT4AuuVonmT4ZmQ,prmr:1,pid:12289923626118669320,cs:1

This is the one I have.

Had it for 5 years. Lots of scratches. If anything breaks or bends you just order the part, unscrew the broken or bent part and screw on the new part. Easy. Worth ever penny.

Keep in mind it’s heavy due to the metal construction around the bag (hence the durableness)


@LongHaulGuy… MaxSez: “Tourist”… Max

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I would recommend it if you ate a frequent traveler, it is durable and worth the price.

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