Away sign to ATC

I read somewhere that you can put an “away sign” when you are away from your device during high altitude flights, where is it ?

Your status automatically switches to “away” once you’ve not had any interactions with the screen for 2 minutes :)


Not a switch to flick as such, just inactivity will cause your flight strip to indicate “away”

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Not just high altitude. If you’re inactive (aka, don’t touch the screen) for more than 2 minutes, you will automatically show up as “away” to ATC.

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Ah, thank you very much!

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I didn’t know about this feature.
Thanks for the information

How does this affect?
In terms of rank or punishment, what is experienced positively negatively (within the rules)

You aren’t allowed to be “away” when you’re climbing or descending through any active ATC’s airspace - that’s all ATC except for Center (Tower, Approach, Departure)

It’s also not a good idea to be “away” below 10,000 feet as you could inadvertently exceed 260 knots and get a Level 1 violation for overspeeding.

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Of course you’re right.
I was wondering if there were any complaints.
If so, where to reach (for pilot not on frequency)

yes, I’m aware of that.
And I’m paying attention to the light procedure.
Because under 10,000ft, the lights are on.
And when it gets over 10,000ft, it’s closed.
I set it to 240\245kt for safety purposes instead of 250kt (due to wind impact)

If you’re talking about ATC, they will usually try to reach you “on guard” before they issue a violation.

The message will say something like this:

“N54321 (your callsign), you are in an an active airspace. Please contact XX Approach on 123.45”

If you don’t respond even to that, then the result is usually a Level 3 violation.


yes, that’s what I was wondering.

that is, it is forbidden to set an alarm and sleep from ocean overs flights (long legs)
I hope that all pilots obey this rule…

It’s not forbidden.

As long as you wake up well in time before you start your descent.

And as long as your VNAV has not been armed before you slept off.

At the worst, you’ll reach your destination and overfly it at your cruising altitude. The controllers will probably have a bit of a laugh but as long as you don’t descend through their airspace and you’re still “away,” no one will report you.

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Now I understand much better

(My English is not very good and I’m sorry about that)

Thank you again for all the information, my friend.

I wish you safe flights

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No problem, and safe flying to you too.

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