Away request

Away request/announcement to ATC

Hi, this is a feature request for ATC and when you are contacting center or approach, and you have to lets say unload the dishwasher or go to the bathroom, even make you mom a coffee, you can request/announce to ATC center or approach that you are needing to step away for a couple minutes, ATC will reply with roger and you can go about your chores or something you need to do real quickly without getting reported.


well, this feature can help many things,
most of us have a nice little setup for IF, with our chair, our charger, and possible our mini fridge (lol right) Weather it is in our basement or room, we all pretty much have one. When you need to step away and don’t want to get reported, i would bring my device with me, now the problem with that is,

  1. your device would be removed from its charger, making the battery drop
  2. its hard to multitask like doing the dishes and trying to listen to center ATC at the same time. While you thought bring your device with you would allow you to avoid a violation, now you will still get one because you probably missed an instruction because you were occupied with other things.
  3. Normally i keep the brightness down on m IPad allowing the battery to maintain at what ever it is. That being said, i sit in a dark room to keep the brightness low and i am able to still see the screen. When you leave that dark room and go into the light, your device is 1 hard to see, 2 turning up in brightness and 3 draining your battery.

If this #3 doesn’t apply to you then well sorry


All in all, this is a feature to request an away point where ATC knows that you are away while climbing or descending and you don’t 1, get a violation/report, 2, your mom wont get mad and take away IF for an entire month, and 3 your device will maintain its performance

Thanks for reading, and i will see you in the skies. If you need more clarification let me know

I agree! This would be amazing way to set your away status. The thing is during a flight is that it required you to put 100% of your attention, from take off to cruise. I love the idea tho!

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There already is an away status. Once it’s been 2 minutes since you’ve last touched your device you’ll be marked as away, and from there all conflicts are assumed unintentional and ATC will not ghost you. Once you have been marked as away you can go off and do what you like.


Simple solution: Step away from your device for two minutes, that’s the whole point of the ‘away’ system.

The likelihood of being instructed at cruise, and depending on how much you are touching your screen will show your activity. Unless you are maneuvering with VNAV at a lower altitude then there’s not anything to say or do, because it’s at your hands when you are at ascent and descent.

Also just want to say if you’re going for a few minutes away from your charger and are that concerned about your batter life then possibly would be a good idea to look at a new battery if not device.


yea, this is why i made the topic, so that yo u could take a couple minutes to finish what ever your mom or dad is making you do, without getting a violation

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@TimShan05 and @Ecoops123 this is for when you need to step away during climb and decent. IFATC is aloud to report you/give you a violation during climb and descend

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True, parents do make us do things around the house. It’s just vital to make sure your full attention is on the flight up to cruise, and down to your destination. Taking your device with you is a good option as well. There’s a low power mode on IF to relive battery drain, etc.

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IFATC is aloud to report you/give you a violation during climb and descend

Yes, this is true i’m assuming they expect you at your device! This feature would be hard to integrate because ATC needs to separate traffic and they can’t give instructions for heading, or altitude to away aircraft!

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You should always be with your device during climb and descent anyway, with or without ATC. It takes about 25 or 30 minutes from lifting off to climb to your initial cruising altitude, and even without ATC you still risk level 1 violations as they are critical phases for your flight which you need to be monitoring.

There’s also the matter of it being abused. People who don’t want to follow ATC instructions could just say they’re going away.


The same point here, really. If you’re going to leave your device at a couple thousand feet then that’s putting you and others at risk of a simulated collision, and the same with climbing but the risk is much lower, just leaving your device for 2 minutes fixes the entirety of the problem.

Descending has a much more attentive need. You can’t be inactive during descent, or ‘pop to get a cuppa coffee’. That’s completely down to you, and frankly isn’t the controllers problem since their task is to get you and others around you to the ground. A one way system doesn’t work here.

I think we all need to agree on this topic below


this is what parents dont understand though. I tell them i am landing, and that i need to be at my device for this duration of the flight and i still get in trouble for it.

This topic request is for WHEN your parents MAKE you leave your device for chores. I dont want to get reported or a violation, nor do i want to end a long haul because of these reasons

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I don’t think they would add this feature because of abuse, or not being able to safely control aircraft on a climb/decent. I guess it’s all just down to the users, and what there doing in real life I presume is IF’s thinking.

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No need to announce it, just do what you have to do. We can see if you are away. If you are climbing or descending you will need to be at your device though.