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Hello fellow IFC members!
As I load in a flight. I notice a feature called away mode. Does anyone know how to activate that? So I don’t get more violations, I have been waiting 3 weeks to join IFATC but I keep getting violations and I’m getting argrivated. Does anyone know how to active away mode?


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Same here Still don’t know how to work it

Do not touch your device screen for two minutes and it will display you’re away.


welp That was fast

You can’t see it, it automatically happens. ATC will just see that you’re away after 2 minutes of inactivity

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So will can I still get reported
And will the Atc know that I’m on away mode?

Yes they do. e.g. you’re passing an active FIR, and if you are displayed as ‘away’, the ATC won’t give you a warning to contact them.

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You will not if you are at cruise and away. They assume all incidents are unintentional since you are away at cruise. If you aren’t at cruise and you are away it’s on you since you should be monitoring your device.


So in regard to the comment above do not active VNAV unless you are monitoring your device.


While we’re at it in this topic, can IFATC Center stop unguarding pilots when they’re marked away? Has happened to me in three consecutive overnighters already. Was away for hours when it happened.

This has happened to me several times as well, most of the time, it’s an honest mistake by the controller. Forgive and forget is how I handle it…

There are times from the ATC side that it shows someone as active when they are actually away. Has happened to me before. Screenshot from my side shows active, but from the view of another pilot shows away.

With regard to the “I won’t get a violation” question, you can certainly receive a violation if you are climbing or descending while you are away. You need to monitor your flight during the critical phases.

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Being away does not give you immunity from violations. Also, IFATC can see how long you have been away. Generally, if you are away for a small amount of time (like 5 min) you may be held accountable depending on the offense. You can also be reported if you violate a TFR while away.

All conflicts with “away” aircraft regardless of their time are assumed unintentional :)

In regards to receiving violations, unless an aircraft is climbing, descending on manoeuvring in any stages where active monitoring by the pilot should have been taken, a violation would not be issued. For example, violations would not be issued for an “away” aircraft following their flightplan at cruising altitude. On the other hand, violations can be issued if you’re “away” while descending into an airport and conflict with other aircraft.

Hope this helps!

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