Awards for ATC's


So in Live Mode… Who makes this simulator fun and most of all SAFE For ALL pilots?


ATC’s dont get any XP or anything for their time and effort to make Infinite Flight as real and as safe for all pilots.

So im here to help the ATC community and fight :}

Im requesting some type of ATC level up system (Like Pilots)
Level 1 = Normal
Level 2 = Normal (Allowed to control Busier Areas (LAX, SFO, Etc)
Level 3 = Allowed to be Ground/ Tower ATC in Expert
Level 4 = Allowed to be Approach/ Departure/ Center ATC in Expert
Level 5 = Allowed to take a test that admins look at and if pass will be able to control ATIS in Normal Mode (Allowed to change every 15 mins, and not allowed to go directly from normal to crazy weather (Extreme Weather not allowed to access. Only Fog, Rain, and Beautiful weather.)

  1. Time = XP + Control Time (Like Flight Time)
    If you guys can think of any other “rewards”, your welcome to add more ideas in the comments

And if you agree, say that you do…

MIGHT NOT BE EXPLAINED WELL… But You get the point!
Infinite Flight ATC
45+ Hours as ATC in or around the areas of TNCM, WMKK, SYYD, and PHNL, AND dont forget KLAX… :}


We already have different levels within IFATC.

Also, if this is a feature request, you must wait until you are TL2 (Member) to do so.


You should probably have a look at everything in here:

Brilliant idea, I’m all for it!

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The moment a Dislike button is needed

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Why do you dislike it?

It’s easy.

IFATC already exists, and there is already a system in place that works very well.


Yes but not everyone is IFATC. It is still a good idea for the training server controllers