Avro Vulcan XH558 and XL321

i think it would be great to have the Vulcan in the sim because it’s the last season flying :( also it would be nice to have a British warbird jet and to pay respect to the war it served
I also think it would be a good idea to add the familiar XH558 in the camoflauge livery and XL321 in the white livery as it shows off how awesome they were back in the day
It would also be AMAMZING to hear the Vulcans exclusive roar that everyone but the birds are going to miss ;)
Imagine doing a formation flight in this!
Also the cockpit would be a dream! And the way it lands and wheelies along the floor


I did not realize you were talking about the same thing, my mistake!

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Yes would love to have the Vulcan in IF… XM 607 in Black Buck paint scheme…?

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Absolutely it would be amazing this aircraft was a bomber with the agility of a fighter, and I know the IF team would do it justice… If they build it we could create a Vulcan open day at RAF Fairford… I just can’t believe it’s now all come to a stop

Yes 607 and XH588 I would. Suggest RAF squadron association as well

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