Avro rj100? (New Update)

Why infinite flight don’t do a new update. The Avro rj700! Anyone more want the Avro rj700

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Are you trying to ask for this plane as a feature or asking why it hasn’t been added yet?

No, thank you, but no, just no

Hello and welcome to the forums :-)
Please wait until you become a TL2 user (member) before requesting any aircraft/livery to be added. By the way, we just got a huge update with the 787 family, 777 family and many more.
Thanks in advance.


iOS users haven’t got the 787 update yet, and now you want ANOTHER aircraft to be added? Just let the devs relax for once!

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Adding to that, it’s disrespectful that they just released something new and you’re asking already for a new update. Please read and search before creating a topic. Welcome to the community :)


are you not happy with the update which was just released people like you have no logic behind the coding of games like IF :0


Welcome to the forum! Try to use the search function before making a new topic, you will see most feature request are already there.