Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar

Okay, this is my first screenshot shared via the IFC. I was tracking my flight when I saw a UFO, or whatever the name of this funky aircraft is. I thought it wouldn’t be a better time than now to share this with you guys!

Server: Expert
Location: Near KSMF
Time: 2240Z
Flight Info: DHL 438 Heavy enroute to KIAD from KSFO

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The reason your seeing this is because LiveFlight hasnt updated the planes yet from the lastest 20.2 update.

As for this The topic. Next time put it #general please instead of here which is for share the photos that you take:)

Hope to see wonderful photos from you in the future


Yes I know that I thought it was funny though

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Great!! ❤️

It would be best in this thread, since this is liveflight.

Feel free to post in the thread linked above. Not really an aircraft in Infinite Flight and is a screenshot from Liveflight.