Avro 683 Lancaster

The Avro Lancaster is a WWII bomber produced by the British company “Avro”.

The Avro Lancaster is capable of carrying a crew of 7 at a speed of 288 MP/H, with a range of 2,200NM and a service ceiling of 24,500 feet. It had a rate of climb of 250 feet/min.

It has 4 piston engines*, a length of 69 feet and a wingspan of 102 feet.
It’s first flight was in 1941, and since, 7377 of them were produced. It is now out of production.
It had 2 Machine guns in the front, 2 on top and 4 in the rear (even if I don’t expect IF to add those) :)
It had an empty weight of 36,900 IBS and a MTOW of 70,000 IBS.

*Rolls Royce Merlin 24 engines delivering 1610 HP each.
Credit : TorinoGT

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