Avoiding weather/turbulence

Quick question, whenever I play infinite flight I open the weather app to check it and deviate around bad weather (most of the time😂) but I alway hit turbulence in my flights even if their is no weather and the turbulence always feels exaggerated and so does weather but that’s not what this topic is about. So does anybody have or know any way to avoid severe turbulence? Is there any apps or am I gonna be stuck always going through severe turbulence even if I go around all weather.

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I believe some people use “windy” to check winds for certain areas


Thanks do I know if it goes up to cruising altitudes

I’m not sure because I’ve never used it

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Ok I’ll check thanks for the help 😁

turbli.com can check turbulence at all altitudes


Thank you very much

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Make your passengers suffer



Yes it does, I use it frequently to create my FPL.

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Is their a setting to make it do that?


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