Avoiding Airspaces

So I’m sure many of you use FPLoIF. That’s great and all.

That kind of becomes a problem when you’re part of Qatar virtual and you have to avoid UAE, Saudi Arabian, etc airspace.

Is it possible to edit the flight plan so it doesn’t go over specific countries? And please state how so that it benefits not only me but others who view this topic in the future.

If you have the exact waypoints to avoid it just click the space in the top right corner and you can edit your FPL if you use FPLtoIF

Try to look for real flight plans, so when you paste it, it would follow same waypoints/airways, that in real life flight do.



Just use the “add waypoint” option. You can also remove waypoints if necessary

This may or may not work , but go to flight aware and find the flight, scroll down until you find the FPL then press “decode” it will then take you to the decoded FPL.Once decoded copy the link on the top of your screen then paste it in the flightaware section in FPLtoIF then press genarate and it will give you the correct FPL hopefully.

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Let me clarify a bit here.

I’m looking for answers with SimBrief :)

Well, study the pic @DiamondGaming4 sent :)

Oh wait.

I realized SimBrief gives you several route solutions, in which some avoid airspace that needed to be avoided.

It’s all good. Mods can close this if necessary.

Ok let me know if you have any questions.

You can use simbrief classic link to import the URL from SimBrief if you need to for copy and paste.

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