Avoiding a Diversion Along the End of the World

Hello! Welcome back to a few screenshots I have to share with you…

Today’s flight brought me regional in Norway, from Bergen to Stavanger Sola, a short regional hop.

Stavanger Lufthavn Sola is located 11km southwest of Stavangerand is Norway’s third busiest airport, providing for normal air traffic and helicopter traffic.
In 2015, the airport served just over 4.5 million passengers through 5 airlines providing domestic rotations, and nine with international services.
The airport’s busiest route is to Oslo Gardermoen, with about 28 flights daily.
Stavanger Lufthavn Sola opened on May 29th, 1937 and was the second airport in Europe to have a concrete runway.
On April 9th, 1940, the airport was caprured by the Axis forces, with support from the Luftwaffe after an attack lasting an hour. During the occupation of the Germans, they expanded the airport and turned it into a vital base for Axis forces.
Nothing much happened to the airport after that, of course it was taken back from the Germans after WWII.
In 2009, the airport terminal was expanded with some non-jetbridge supported gates, but Norwegian and SAS showed little interest. SAS wanted gates with jetbridges for their larger aircraft.

Now, onto the flight itself!

Flight took place on May 22nd, 2020

Flight Details
General Information

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Livery: Norwegian Air Shuttle
Aircraft registration: LN-NOC
Route: ENBR - ENZV
Flight number: NAX122
Callsign: NAXV47
Flight time: 0:30
Distance: 115nm

Airport Information

Departure airport: ENBR - Bergen Intl
Departure runway: 17
Arrival airport:ENZV - Stavanger Lufthavn Sola
Arrival runway: 11


Pushback: 0944Z
Takeoff: 0956Z
Landing: 1026Z
Shutdown: 1030Z


IF-O seems to be providing faulty measures

Starting/block fuel: 3175kgs - 7000lbs
Fuel used: 2404kgs - 5300lbs
Fuel remaining: 1225kgs - 2700lbs

Flight plan

ENBR UNPUT 6003N/516E SOGTI BEGOD ZV500 5921N/517E ZV925 BEVGU ZV923 ZV922 ZV921 ZV920 OTBIG 5855N/524E ENZV

Now, for the screenshots!

Just ten minutes after takeoff from Bergen Intl, the B738 is climbing to FL150 with the famous ‘edge of the world’ scenery in IF

Cruising at FL150, with the seat belt sign on due to the gusty winds up there

Turning final on at Stavangers Lufthavn Sola’s rwy 11, all extra fuel loaded in case of a go around to divert to Oslo Gardermoen, you’ll see why in a moment…

Just seconds before touchdown, I commit to the landing with winds gusting up to 36kts, pushing the B738 to its limits

That wraps things up! What was your favourite screenshot?

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Stay safe and ever so healthy,


Really does make you think of how the flat earth society have gotten things wrong. And how mountainous the world actually is.


Nice photos Rian! I love your style of having the aircraft kind of in the background showing off the scenery

I fly strictly above the 60th parallel because it creates a more authentic experience as everything is flat!

just a joke people, plz don’t take seriously


I know right hahaha, mountain really are beautiful everywhere

Thanks Noah! I do like showing off the scenery indeed…

I’m sure no one will take that too seriously 🙃

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