Avoidable Go-Around

Had to go-around at Toronto after a 10 hour flight from Turkey so I recreated the UTair video.

Turkish Airlines A330-300; LTFM-CYYZ; 10:51 flight time


Oh my god, just don’t enter the runway. I went around.

Nice hehe


If that’s on Expert server, definitely a warning

Yes it was. It’s been real anarchy on there lately.

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could of waited a bit more

Sorry to be a critic. Correct me if I’m wrong.
To me it seems like you were still pretty far away from the runway. It also looks like the Delta was crossing with nice speed. So judging by the two pictures, I think the Delta would have probably been able to cross the runway before you overfly the threshold. Ofc I didn’t see it on live…

I was 1 mile out, they taxied at 14kts.

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That is tight if it’s a 1 mile final, but I don’t think there would be any issue with continuing to be honest. Especially when we get a lot of training aircraft moving around where I fly we definitely have plenty of approaches where there is someone on the runway when we are on a mile final. I don’t mean to second guess your choice, in that case you are the PIC so it is your call, but I think you probably would have been fine if you have it a beat.

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That’s why i prefer EGLL - EHAM (El Classico) routes. Surrounding os easy, pilots are accustomed to surround, they check always surround and it is easy to land or go-around.🥔