Avoid sending duplicate messages, ATC

ATC always sends duplicate messages. Is very annoying. Example: please check tutorials using ATC instructions. when controller sends it, he always sends 2, 3 times. Sometimes after frequency change, new controller repeats please check tutorials using ATC instructions.
This is on expert server!!

Example yesterday: frequency change approved, good day. After 5 minutes. Frequency change approved, good day.

If you ask to takeoff 2 times, ATC says: avoid sending duplicate messages. Why? Because is very annoying, unnecessary. (I think takeoff message is more important than frequency change approved, good day!!)
If ATC ask to check tutorials 2 times, is very annoying, unnecessary. Pilots should say avoid sending duplicate messages.

Some people say “abuse”. People do not say messages unnecessary. If they say any message unnecessary, even not this message they will be ghosted because “spam frequency”. So nothing bad will happen if pilots can say this message “avoid sending duplicate messages”.

Request: add button, pilots can say: avoid sending duplicate messages.

I just see now, tower controller send on guard message to a plane 3 TIMES in 1 minute!! Expert server!!

That looks totally normal to me so what is the issue you want to change?

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That would be… interesting. I really don’t see what you’re describing as a big problem though.

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I dont think this is wide spread enough for it to be added to the game. To few uses and to few cases where it nessecary. DM your controller or @ them here and talk with them


Maybe it is not a problem. So why can controllers say this to pilots? Same problem with controllers send duplicate messages.

Controller: Please follow instructions or you will be reported

Pilot: Avoid sending duplicate messages.

Just no. 🤣


Because controllers are meant to control pilots, that is literally the point.


Controller: frequency change approved, good day.
Controller: frequency change approved, good day.
Controller: frequency change approved, good day.
Pilot: avoid sending duplicate messages.

Question, did you tune out of the frequency after the first “Frequency change approved”?

You are expected to follow atc instructions at all times, atc should only need to issue an instruction once. The duplicate messages are for if you are not following instructions immediatley, in which case the atc should either issue a duplicate message or tell the pilot to check help pages.

Don’t think that this is that big of an issue to be added, can see it being misused by pilots which will clog up the frequency even more.


Wouldn’t it be great if the pilot could tell the controller too ‘‘please follow instructions’’ too?

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No pilot cannot say instructions. But I think it will be good if pilots can say: please check tutorials to control this airport. Sometimes I always see expert server controllers they tell planes to go the wrong way.

Ok. I understand. But they sometimes use multiple messages for many other purposes not just follow instructions… Like my example “frequency change approved, good day”

no. I do not need to do that

If you get asked a message more than 1 time it usually means you’re not doing something correct.
And if the controller asks you to check tutorials twice, then you really should take up his recommendation.


In terms of frequency change, the controller may want you off your frequency to manage inbound and ground traffic better. ATC shouldn’t need to send a duplicate message, and usually when they do it’s the pilot’s fault.


Off topic. My feature is pilots can say “avoid sending duplicate messages”

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There is the issue :/


The problem with post is that there is no appreciation for our ATC team. These people volunteer their time to become highly trained controllers to benefit you and our whole community. They do it for free they do it because they can and we can’t they do it to make your experience here the very best it can be.
Criticising and blaming them for making this whole simulator the best it can be achieves nothing for you them or anybody else. Support them encourage them collaborate with them. End of story