Avoid sending duplicate message!

Yeah, it is lol. Checking in and the controller saying radar contact means you can follow your FPL unless instructed to do so otherwise later on

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Right so when I first contact departure no need to check in never had this message before was curious thanks tho

If you’re handed off by tower to departure, you can just check in and go about your merry day. You don’t need to request FF. Here’s something Tyler put together a while back that may be of help!


When you contact departure or Center, you check in if you have a flight plan. You request flight following if you don’t.
On approach, only check in if you wish to follow your flight plan

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You are the controller tomthetank. I said with you. Then I say request flight following. Is a different message. Why you tell me to avoid sending duplicate messages?

For departures, check in and flight following are basically the same thing. When a controller responds radar contact, you can follow your flight plan unless they tell you to do so otherwise! Granted, I don’t know what exactly occurred between you and Tom, so it’s best you PM him for further discussion, but this is what I am able to tell you based on what I’ve read from your post.

oh look now he telling everyone to stop sending duplicate messages

Hi all,

Please avoid commenting on topics like this if you are not the controller. It only creates speculation and confusion.

I’ll offer more clarity once I’m done controlling. Thanks!


There is no reason to check in followed by a request. Simply request what you need. Why send two when I
One would work.

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That has happened to me but I think it is that I am panicking that some Aircraft is entering my runway

Hey should I only send one message and what happens if that aircraft entered the runway with out your permission cause that has happened to me recently

I have a topic how to deal with this

It is not formatting lol

Thanks for doing top job sir and sorry for causing havoc I was confused that’s all but I understand there basically the same thing… my bad

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That’s okay, asking questions is the best way to learn :)

Check in and flight following serve the same purpose — once you’ve checked in, you’re cleared to follow your flight plan and climb to cruise. More messages cause clutter for ATC.

Just check in, we’ll move you if needed, and off you go.

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It’s a different message, yes, but it serves the same purpose and adds clutter.

Just check in, we’ll move you if we need, and off you go :)

Feel free to PM me and we can chat, looks like a couple questions here.

Ok I just sent something I wanted to ask and something that I want to ask something separately

Ok thanks bro I just did

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Please feel free to PM me with any other questions. Happy to explain messages and decisions that are made while controlling.