Avoid Blocking Runway Exits when Taxiing to the Runway! (Departing Traffic)

Dear Pilots,

In an airport that has parallel taxiways leading up to a runway, depending on what runway is used, can we please try and avoid (unless stated otherwise by ATC) using the taxiway that is directly connected to runway exits until no plausible runway exits are available for incoming aircrafts! I’ve encountered numerous incidents over a period of time (including today) with runway exits either being blocked or a possible conflict occurring resulting in the exiting aircraft having to hold position on the runway exit when in reality, they should be having priority. Not only would this help in ensuring a much smoother traffic flow on the ground, it will also create just that little bit less hassle for controllers to deal with and provide you lot with a seamless service.

Here is an example of the scenario below (Airport = OMDB / Runway in Ops = 30L)

Blue = Runway Exits
Red = Incorrect use of Taxiway
Green = Correct use of Taxiway


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